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THE MASONICS - Talking' About...The Masonics EP

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The Masonics are known for being ‘the best Rhythm and Beat combo since The Milkshakes’ and there’s a very good reason for that...
With Mickey Hampshire (The Milkshakes, Mickey And The Salty Seadogs, Mickey And Ludella), Bruce Brand (The Pop Rivets, The Milkshakes, Auntie Vegetable, Thee Headcoats, The Kravin’ “A”s, The Clique, Dutronc, The Voo-Dooms and more) and John Gibbs (The Wildebeests, The Kaisers), this Medway-based trio have got enough rhythm ’n’ beat and rock ’n’ roll in their blood streams to power the Starship Enterprise!

This EP contains four tracks that are favourites of their live set, the standout being a belting version of Ride Your Pony, a recording which is destined to become a beatin' rhythm and soul fave rave in any DJ set.