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GUY HAMPER TRIO - Cowboys Are Square/It's So Hard To Be Happy

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The Guy Hamper Trio is: Billy Childish on guitar, his wife Julie on bass and Wolf on drums - who as it happens was the drummer in the original incarnation of JTQ - and of course features James Taylor on Hammond organ.

The Guy Hamper Trio provide a bottom end, Blues-influenced instrumental mayhem for those unafraid of dirt, germs and true grime. With no particular wish other than to be recognised as the best at playing badly, they refuse to obey the usual rules of combat and music.

After consultation with experts in the field, it was decreed that Cowboys Are Square and It's So Hard To Be Happy needed to be on a 7” single, for the enjoyment of the Mods, jive experts, lost revellers and those prone to frequent discotheques throughout England, the UK, Europe, the USA, Indonesia and indeed Portsmouth!