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Original Gravity

FLOYD JAMES - A Weight (Hanging Over Me)

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The phrase 'I Can't Breathe' will forever conjure up very poignant images in one's mind; Images of oppression, of brutality, of dissonance.

In A Weight, this phrase is used to represent a numbness and despair felt in witnessing a movement for just change being quashed and silenced with great force, crowds being disbanded with tear gas, rubber bullets and batons. A Weight is not a protest song, but a raw emotional account in feeling helpless and dispirited in the face of adversity.

Floyd James gives a stirring vocal performance, backed by a rich, soulful, gospel inspired arrangement, in what reads like the prayer or plea of someone who is desperately wishing for betterment.

The flip side, History Repeats,  should pack a floor on any scene where soulful music is appreciated. 

Profits in the sale of this record will be donated to Integrate UK, a Charity set up to promote equality and break down the social barriers between communities through education and collaborative projects.

For more information about Integrate UK visit:

This record was produced in collaboration and with the support of Adaptor Clothing